The Panaplan brand, operating under Soytaş Group, continues to be the leader in the sector in the production of thermoform door plate, flat plate for panel production and composite door plate. Our goal has always been high quality. For this, we use quality raw materials, quality auxiliary materials, the right equipment and powerful machines.

With our automation system, which includes high technology, mixing is done without errors. The mixers are delivered to the silos and then to the machine with the help of the auger. The material reaching the machine passes through the production process without any errors by using the latest technology molds. The use of full automation in the production process prevents human-induced errors.


PVC sheets are products that contain a high percentage of PVC raw materials and some reinforcing additives. The PVC sheets we produce vary between 0.60 mm and 2.80 mm thickness. In terms of width, it can be requested between 500 mm and 2000 mm as thermoform sheet or flat sheet. In the productions, different types of rollers are used to reach the surface pattern demanded by our customers. Mirror roller is used for smooth surface, matte roller is used for matte surface, bute roller is used for bute pattern. Unless otherwise stated, transparent protection tapes are used in the products we produce. It is possible to produce with brand-specific protection tape according to the order quantity. Panaplan brand is also the leader in the sector in laminated colored products produced by the lamination method. In our Panaplan brand, which is part of Soytaş Group, the priority is high quality and customer satisfaction, as in all our brands and products. 

In general, it is used in the production of PVC sandwich panels, PVC decorative door panels, as a composite door plate and as a coating material in the food industry that requires hygiene.
• It has high UV resistance.
• It has high impact resistance.
• It resistant to water
• Has low thermal conductivity
• High thermal insulation
• High sound insulation
• PVC sheets can be shaped easily by applying the thermoforming process.

As the Panaplan brand, we are increasing our capacity day by day in order to respond quickly to our customers within the framework of quality understanding. Currently, our monthly capacity is 900.000kg/month.